SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 2018

Search parameters

To find the images there are three search options available -
Quick Image Purchase By Image-id
Quick Search by keyword
Advance search

Quick Image Purchase By Image Id
Enter the image-id of the image you are looking for. However to run this query, you need to register first.

Quick Search by keyword:
To perform a quick search Go to our homepage.
Enter the keyword and click on search.

Advance Search:
Advance search contains more options for searching images. Link to 'Advance Search' is available in the top panel of our homepage and all other pages in the site. The search options are grouped into 3 heads. They are
1. Photo Description
2. Event Details
3. Search within

1.Photo Description:
This group contains fields for entering Keywords. Multiple Keywords are separated by commas or spaces. Usage of comma and space implies a boolean OR operation and usage of + operator implies a boolean AND operation. Keywords with more than one word i.e. Phrases should be given within double quote ("). Boolean operators like AND, OR can be explicitly given instead of commas and spaces.

2.Event Details:
This option is given to narrow down search for an image using its event date range, location that includes city, state and country.

3. Search Within
If you are seraching the photos of a particular photographer then you can choose his name from the drop down list.

Search Result Options:
The view of the search results page can be controlled using these options. You can choose the no of images to appear on each page- 5,10,15,20. Also there are different sort options available to choose from.

Results Page:
This page lists the search results with a thumbnail view of the images matching the search criteria. A detailed view of the image can be seen by either clicking on the thumbnail or by using the 'See Preview' link available below each image. The image can be added to your 'Light Box' for purchasing at a later time. The pricing of the image can be calculated using the 'Calculate Price' link and the image can be added to shopping cart after calculating the price. Navigation to search result pages is provided at the top and bottom of each result pages.